1. dan

    EWright are you freakin kidding me? Beyond impressed! Will not show Beth though, b/c it’s a strong possibility that she would never eat chicken again. Yikes

    • Marc M

      Wow! Very impressive! So thankful you guys got all your supplies and it looks like Elizabeth is ready for the jungle, not sure about Joseph…guess he took the easy job video!

  2. Kelly K

    Wow. Impressed friend! The only thing that bothered me was the way it kept moving around with no head…. ugh…

  3. Betsy Z

    Very impressive Elizabeth! The dog cleaning up after the head was removed was a little much for me.

  4. Taryn

    You never ceased to amaze me here in Greenville…so it’s no surprise you pulled that off with grace. I LOVED hearing you talk!!! I did NOT love the intestines you pulled out nor the dog maid.

  5. Ashley Gaymon

    So very impressed!!! I may never eat chicken again but impressed, none-the-less.

  6. Andrea

    WOW Elizabeth! that is really impressive! May favorite part is hearing you speak pidgin! You are so good at it!

  7. Andrea

    Sorry, random side note. I just noticed your address on the side. You may won’t to spell out papua new guinea. If you put PNG on your package or letter it will get returned to sender. didn’t know if everyone would know to spell it out.

  8. Sharon Jacobs

    you forgot the “R” rating!!! ugh…

  9. Chris McGowan

    Awesome. I think we need to change the MRT slogan to “Reject Passivity, Lead Courageously, Accept Responsibility, Expect God’s Reward, Kill a Chicken”. Or maybe work it into the EZER language somehow. That gave the bowl of cereal I was eating while watching a funny taste for some reason. When does the pig slaughter video hit the air?

  10. Kelly Childress

    So I had to psych myself up to watch that one! Totally impressed Elizabeth! I too loved hearing you speak Pidgin.

  11. Matt New

    That. was. AWESOME! I can’t decide what I love more – the dog licking up or Lucy watching as if it’s no big thing. I feel like I was prepared for this at a young age by the tunnel on Willy Wonka so this was no problem. I think I could kill chickens all day but I would make Sharon Jacobs do the cleaning.

    • Joseph

      You could charge admission if you could get Sharon to handle a dead chicken like that.

  12. Christy

    Totally disgusting, but AWESOME! Elizabeth, I didn’t know you had a killing bone in your body, but I guess if it feeds your kids….
    Love ya!
    And I like hearing your new language!

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