Last week I was out and about chillin with one of my homies (a fifteen year old and his family to be specific) and he asked if I wanted to see where they get their water. Of course I did. So he led me, and few younger kids, on a twenty minute hike that started on an obviously beaten path, but soon turned into this:

We eventually made it to the water source here:

What you can’t see in the picture is the small pool of water a few feet out of the top of the frame. That water must come from a spring and fill the pool (I’m guessing.) The white pipe you see in this picture is fed from that pool. The water trickles into the concrete box and then spills out of four small pipes. In this picture, my guides have positioned their bottles (and anti-freeze containers) below the pipes to be filled with water.

All that makes me happy that water comes directly to our house, even if we do have to put it through this before drinking it:

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  1. Kelly K

    I think the anti-freeze containers bother me more than the walk and hike through the bush!

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