There are 4 new families here doing orientation and Pidgin study.  All of us are always trying to get in hours learning Pidgin and most of us have 2 official language sessions per week. In order to have a time when we can focus exclusively on language learning, the Walkers and we switch off babysitting during one of our sessions per week. Every Monday I keep the Walkers’ 2 kids and every Tuesday they keep our kids. Katie and I both do some kind of school activities with the kids when we keep them, so it is more than just babysitting, it is like their little preschool! This has worked out so well! It enables us to have a 3 hour time slot for language when we aren’t distracted by our kids, it allows us to make the hike over to our language helpers’ house with no kids, and it gives the kids a time two mornings a week that is fun school time. Last week since it was Thanksgiving week we focused on Thanksgiving, and one of our activities was making these Indian headdresses.

  1. I love the way Belle is wearing her headdress with the feathers upside down, she is such a trendsetter! Between the Meri blouse and the headdress, I’d say y’all are the height of fashion! (Actually, I think I’d like to have one of those blouses, they look very forgiving :))

  2. Ashley

    That’s an awesome opportunity for y’all. So fun the girls have friends too!! I meant to ask you in the email, but have you started your bob jones curric. yet??

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