We’ll be back with more about the funeral, but we had to share our breaking news!  We got a kitty!

Meet Aurora:


We have been having a rat problem so we thought a cat might help with that.  It turns out one of the local guys who works here on our base had some kittens for sale, so we went ahead and bought one!  We surprised the girls and took them with us to his house to pick one out after lunch today.  The girls are SO excited about their new baby. We let the girls name her, and they chose the name Aurora after one of their favorite princesses, Sleeping Beauty.  Aurora was hardly put down at all since being brought home this afternoon.  I really couldn’t believe how much Belle adores this kitten!  It is so precious to watch.  I’ve never really taken care of an animal before, so I don’t know how excited I am about adding the responsibility of an animal to our already crazy, busy household, but seeing how much the girls love her makes me more excited about it, that’s for sure!  I kind of wish we had waited and put a big red bow on her for Christmas!

Any advice, cat owners??

    • Graham

      *A sequel

  1. Ashley Gaymon

    The kitty is so cute! Love the name! =)

  2. jo

    I’m feeling better about the rat situation. If that tiny kitten is going be your defender those must be some little rats.

    • Elizabeth

      well, she’s not going to take care of the rats until she’s a little bigger!

  3. I love it and it makes me laugh thinking of our conversations about not being animal people really, I guess a useful animal is different! especially if the usefulness involves keeping rats away!
    And these pictures are killing me, can I come over and visit tomorrow?!

    • Elizabeth

      i know, i’m totally not an animal person. can you please come visit tomorrow?? that sounds amazing!

  4. Ashley

    Those pictures are so adorable. And…the joy on the girls’ faces are priceless!

  5. Ashley

    Amazing! We just got a kitty too!

    • Elizabeth

      oh how fun! what did you name yours?

      • Ashley

        Her name is Luna 🙂 But i love the name Aurora! I thought of Sleeping Beauty as soon as I saw the name (and then y’all explained!)

  6. A few years ago, Belle (our dog… not your daughter) ate a squirrel from the back yard and then blessed us with a present of yacking it up on our den floor. I hope Aurora is better at holding down pests than Belle (again, our dog… not your daughter).

    • Joseph

      I hope our daughter is not good at holding down pests.

  7. Lindsey New

    Avery REALLY wants to come visit now!!

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