1. mom o

    I wish I had a bite to that pie, Lucy! Belle, the bugels fit your fingers very nicely. You all look so good and the pictures are amazing. Keep them coming.

  2. Kelly Keever

    Love all of them, especially Belle and Hoax.

  3. Well, you sort of let me see how that sweet boy, Everett, is doing. And I am sort of glad this post wasn’t about the funeral, although the pictures could be and I wouldn’t know. I do love seeing those sweet faces of Belle and Lucy Goose

  4. I like that Everett has a sharpened pencil for a weapon in the rat hunt… what no bush knife for the toddler?

  5. Andrea

    These are so wonderful! Everett is getting so big! I love the girls laughing!

  6. Lindsey New

    That last one of Lucy is AMAZING!

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