Today (Sunday) we went to church in one of the villages here. It was a hard hike with the whole family, but worth it. We got to see Mibu people teaching in the church, and singing and praying to our God. The entire service was in the hands of the Mibu believers–no missionary input at this point. It was a vision of what we hope to see in another tribe in the future.

The hike, which takes me about 45 minutes by myself, took over two hours with our entire family. On the way down Everett rode on my back in a proper child-carrying backpack and Lucy walked/dangled from my hand. Belle bravely allowed herself to be carried by one of the Mibu girls in nothing but a piece of fabric used as papus. On the way back both Belle and Lucy rode with a Mibu girls as you can see in the picture.

P.S. Watching these eleven or twelve year old girls who are barely larger than Belle carry our girls up a treacherously steep, muddy mountainside without trouble while I was sucking wind with our lightest child on my back did not make me feel especially manly.

P.P.S. Yes, we walked over that bridge.

  1. Andrea

    Too funny. I was praying for you all last night and just thinking about you and one of the thoughts that came to me was “church”. I was wondering what church would/does look like for you in the bush? When you go out in to the bush where you will make your home, will you be the only Christians there (I guess that is if you go somewhere new or join more of your team)? Will you have church? If you go to a new place, as people turn to Christ will you lead church and train up the local believers? Is there music in the church? Do you teach them hymns? Before you can even have church do you have to have the Bible translated into their language and the creeds too? Sorry my thoughts started as a trickle then started pouring :). I just know how affected I am when I can not attend church for a while (I am feeling that now because today was the first day we have been able to attend church in 6 weeks because the girls have been pretty sick this fall/winter). It is wonderful to stand amongst believers and raise your voices together (even if you can’t sing) and praise God, and soak up His teachings.

    Do the people of Mibu speak Pidgin also? Does the language vary from tribe to tribe?

    Okay, I am done with the questions:) Feel free to wait until you return home to answer any of them, I know your service is limited! and feel free to ignore me and all my silly questions! You know very well that I talk to much anyways:).

    It is totally impressive that the girl is carrying Lucy with the strength of her neck and head!

  2. Molly

    thanks for the update. continually praying for you guys.

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