It was quite a merry Christmas here on the other side of the world! Its weird to think that we are finishing up Christmas day and most of you have not yet begun. I hope it is a great day for all of you!

Christmas was a little more low key here, but it was merry none the less! We had a nice time as a family on Christmas Eve eating party food for supper and drinking hot cocoa while Daddy told the Christmas story before bed. Then this morning the girls woke up bright and early and we went downstairs to open presents and stockings, including the doll house Joseph has been working on for several weeks. Here in Mibu it is much chillier in the mornings and evenings than at our house in Goroka, so we even felt a little chilled this morning which seemed nice and appropriate! We didn’t have very many presents for the kids, as grandparent packages haven’t arrived yet, but the kids definitely didn’t notice. They were thrilled with every little thing they received! They spent a long time playing with the dollhouse and I was able to lay down on the couch beside the lit tree listening to Christmas music and enjoy the girls peacefully playing while Everett napped. That was my favorite part of the day. It was a really nice time with just our family this morning. And then Shannon and I made a big meal and we all ate together at the Husa’s house and spent the rest of the day playing over there, coming back just in time to get the kiddos in bed. The Husas are such great company; we really enjoyed getting to celebrate with them.

We missed seeing our families and we missed all the festivities, parties, Hollywild trips, Christmas clothes, tacky yard decorations, and Christmas clad stores that we would have enjoyed at home, but it was a great, simple family Christmas here in PNG! It was nice to get to choose exactly what we wanted our family to do and not get distracted by all the busyness.

  1. Merry Christmas! Thanks for letting all of us know how your day went…thought about you a lot yesterday (Christmas for you). The dollhouse looks amazing!

  2. Sister Hannah

    Merry Christmas, brother & family!!! Oh how we missed you guys! I spent Christmas Eve in a B&B last night in Winnsboro, SC with Nate’s family. We went over to his paternal Grandparents for dinner. I took some videos on my new Nikon of all the boys throwing the football (including the little ones) and opening presents. Little Spencer (3yrs) was so excited about everything. Now we are on our way to Greenville to see his maternal Grandmother, then home to Atlanta. Nate has to work in the morning of course.
    We love you all very much & miss you tons!!!
    **good job on the house, Joseph** hope our presents get there soon. We sent them in October.

  3. Molly

    Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing what your day was like. would love to hear more about how Joseph made the house, and how the house made the trip on the helicopter to the bush undetected. And please tell me there is a photo of your Christmas tree…please share! Missing you all.

  4. Kelley Haff

    I had the samr questions as Molly. Catching up on nearly two months of posts and praying for you all.

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