As many of you know, while we are living out here in Mibu we can’t surf the web, but we can email. It is a little weird that we can only interact with our website through email (Matt New deserves credit and thanks for posting the emails we send to him onto our website.)

Thanks to the inventors of technology, we are automagically receiving emails anytime someone comments on a post. Since we can’t respond to these comments in our normal fashion, this is a post dedicated to some of your comments that deserve a response (Sorry, Joey Espinosa. Despite the fact that you are one of our most loyal and consistent commenters, nothing you wrote is worthy of a response here.)

In response to Molly on “Merry Christmas” – I made the dollhouse with wood and the saw on my swiss army knife–well, not entirely, but I used that saw more than I ever thought I would in a lifetime. We put the dollhouse in the helicopter covered with a sheet and filled with our clothes to save space. I’ll put a better picture of it up later. And, you can see our Christmas Tree.

In response to Dan on “The Big Bush” – I did not have my bush knife in my hand the entire time. One of the other guys borrowed it and then didn’t give it back until the end of the hike. You can imagine my frustration when we got off the trail and there was bush to be cut.

In response to Marc on “PNG Life” – I’m surprised the hotdogs didn’t catch on.
In response to Andrea on “Church in Mibu” – If we go to a new place we (and our teammates) will be the only Christians there. If we join an existing work, it depends on how far along they are. We will probably do something consistently with our coworkers and that something will probably involve a podcast. Yes, one of our goals will be to train leaders, teachers, and elders in a tribal church. There is music, I’ll share a recording once we are done here. We won’t teach them hymns; we’ll let them create music in their own style that expresses their desire to worship. We will translate portions of the Bible before presenting the gospel for the first time and then translate more over time, but “church” will start as soon as there are people who trust in Christ. Here in Mibu, they only have the initial portions that were translated plus Romans 1-8 in their language so far. Many of the people here speak Pidgin and it is a little different from the version of Pidgin we have been learning, but not too much.

Thanks to everyone who has commented.

  1. You cut me deep, Shrek. You cut me real deep.

  2. Kelly Keever

    Happy new year 2012! Did you have fireworks? Do the people in Mibu celebrate? Do they use a traditional calendar?

  3. Dad O (PopPop)

    Joey, sorry It’s a genetic issue that I am afraid I passed on.

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