Getting groceries here in Mibu is quite different from a trip to BiLo in America. When the helicopter comes in, it costs about $1200 so you can imagine that the Husas try to pack it as full as possible every time they order supplies. This last time (on the trip we came in on) their butter was somehow left off the flight. They have been trying to figure out if it is worth diverting another flight (flown by another mission) to a nearby airstrip for about $200 and then having somebody hike over there and back (a day’s travel) to retrieve their butter. On the other hand, the giant avocados pictured above were 15¢ and the huge papaya was $1.

In America there were times when I felt like a bug was crawling on me only to find out it was a hair or a wayward thread tickling my skin. Here in PNG it is always a bug. Always.

Today I spent about five hours trying to figure out why the solar panels on the house we are staying in weren’t charging the huge batteries underneath the house and, in turn, why this system wasn’t providing our refrigerator with enough electricity to stay cold. I never had to do this in America.

P.S. The fridge is now cooling. One thousand manliness points for me.

  1. Taryn

    I’ve had a wayward thread all day and just now cut it off. Sorry it’s always bugs for you. On a positive note…what a huge batch of guacamole you all can make…Bi-Lo can’t touch that avocado! Praying for you all.

  2. Molly

    Those manliness points can go toward that deficit from you following the 12 year old girls carrying your own children up a mountain. My man is busy trying to perfect his victory dance on Xbox golf. At least you followed the trail with a bush knife, albeit behind a child most of the way. Will there be butter or guacamole cooling in your fridge? I just spent $1 an avocado, and that is a good sale.
    As for the bugs, I just say thank you. For putting up with that. For the sake of the gospel. And I mean it.

    The girls look great – Nancy says she misses Lucy. Sorry Belle…..

  3. dan

    bugs are annoying, but tell me you haven’t seen one of the man-eating spiders…. yikes

  4. Dad O (PopPop)

    Could you use a bitter churn?

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