One of the perks of being here in Mibu has been having a “wok-meri” (maid) 3 mornings a week. This is a huge blessing! My wok meri, Tasem, worked for the family whose house we are staying in for years when they lived here. She had told Shannon that she would be glad to work for me while we were here, so I was happy to let her! Considering how much extra house work there is here (ie no dishwasher or dryer or convenience food, etc) having house help is such a help! The going rate for a wok meri here in Mibu is a little less than 40¢ an hour, so its not a financial strain either! And having someone who speaks Pidgin in my house 3 mornings a week is good language practice too. So I’d say its definitely a win, win. I usually leave my dinner dishes from the night before and add our breakfast dishes to the pile waiting for her. When she gets here (around 9) she starts on dishes right away. She usually does a few other things too, like sweep, bring in dry laundry (we have to hang it up before she gets here if we want it to actually see enough sun to dry!), wipe the counters and table, juice oranges, cut up any fruit or veggies, or play with Everett while I get lunch ready. She stays and has lunch with us and then cleans up the dishes from lunch before heading out. The kids really like her, which is nice. I often hear them playing with their dollhouse roleplaying that one of the dolls is the wok meri.

P.S. Joseph sliced his finger open on a piece of broken bamboo today. It’s not stitch-worthy, but it’s pretty bad. Please pray that it heals without infection.

  1. That’s awesome, Elizabeth! What a blessing! Along with my meri blouse, can you please send over a wok meri??
    Praying for Joseph’s finger.

    • Kelly Keever

      Ha! Ditto! 🙂

  2. My wok-meri works for less than 40 cents per hour. AND I get to sleep with her.

  3. Taryn

    Oh my goodness Joey!! LOL!! Elizabeth, Stephen stitched his own finger once after a lawnmower tree branch incident. Joseph is way more manly, so he could totally do the same if needed! Talked about you all lots last night at Grace. Many of us have dreamed of coming to visit. Stephen came up with a great excuse to come over there for a medical mission. Molly can fill you in. Love you all. Praying for the finger. How’s Geoff?

  4. Natalie Patterson

    I’d like to see if I can find a wok-meri for that price! We’ll be praying for the finger. I’m in with whoever is going over for medical mission!! 🙂

  5. Ashley Gaymon

    I ditto Taryn’s, “Oh my goodness, Joey.” Of course, it sounds like, Joey, you’ve got a win, win, WIN! =)

    We are glad that you are getting a little extra help, Elizabeth. I know that would be the hardest part of adjustment….letting go of the conveniences of America. Who am I kidding?! It would all be hard for me. Matt knows I am a “suburb girl.” So thankful that we are able to be a part of something bigger with ya’ll, though! Praying for Joseph’s finger.

  6. Andrea

    I would like to put in one more request for a wok meri :). Just the idea of an extra set of hands to help with chores makes me smile!

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