1. Geoff has returned. He didn’t come back until today (Wednesday) because of helicopter availability. He was treated for meningitis and is doing fine now. Thanks to all of you who have been praying.

2. On a less serious medical note, my finger seems to be healing well. I’ll spare you all from a picture. It hasn’t quite sealed up yet, but at least it’s not still bleeding.

3. Elizabeth’s computer stopped working entirely about a week ago. It had seemed like a good idea to keep all our recipes on it. Bummer. I hope it is something I can fix when we return to town, but we’ll see. Thankfully all the info is backed-up just in case.

4. With Geoff’s return, we got some mail from home. A Christmas box and some other fun stuff too. What a treat! We had such a great time opening everything (see the picture for proof.) Thanks to everyone involved.

  1. Matt

    Really glad to hear Geoff and the finger are doing well. Don’t worry about the recipes – I have a solution to all your problems: 1.) let the rat in the kitchen 2.) have Elizabeth put the rat on her head under a hat 3.) stand back, have some tea and watch the culinary delights unfold!

  2. Samuel

    I take it that reseating the ram didn’t work?
    Looked like the logic board is the next culprit.

  3. mom o

    Does Matt mean “A Rat in the Hat”? I’m sure the girls would love that! It’s so good to hear that Geoff and the finger are progressing well. More prayers answered. Love the new glasses on happy faces! Lucy’s hair is getting so long. Who sleeps in the top bunk?
    Hugs and Kisses from Atlanta.

  4. Andrea

    oh my goodness, I love that picture of the girls! They are having so much fun!

    Glad to hear that Geoff is doing better and that your finger is healing!!!

  5. Julie

    Who doesn’t love getting a surprise package? The girls look like they are having a blast!

  6. Larry

    So glad your finger has healing. LeAnn said to tell you she’s been praying for it every day.

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