I’m not sure that I could jump on board with this, but I love how the ladies here put their babies in a bilum (woven bag) and hang them up on a tree or fence or whatever to take a nap. Sometimes you just see a dangling bilum start to move around and cry. The bilum is quite versatile, seeing as they also swing the baby in the bilum to put him to sleep and carry the baby in the bilum on their head, so it serves as a swing and a backpack/baby carrier, as well as a pack n play. And when it isn’t serving as any of the aforementioned baby related products, it can also carry a bunch of oranges or whatever produce you might need to haul on your head. Any of you new moms at home want to just get rid of all that baby gear that is cluttering your house and let me send you a bilum instead?

  1. Kelly Keever

    That was a dirty post title!
    I love the little feet showing through!

  2. Andrea

    Kelly – I agree! Adam and I both had the same train of thought as you did.

    Convenient but I think DSS might get involved if we start hanging our babies in bags

  3. kelley

    Totally thought you were making a big announcement! That strap looks like it’s only inches from falling off the post.

  4. Taryn

    Whew! Never ever put baby in the title of a post again. Have you all hung Everett in one yet?

  5. Michelle

    My 6 year old took one look at that and said…”That’s dangerous!” But I like to sleep in a hammock, so maybe if the branch was sturdy enough, and the bag big enough, I could try it?

  6. Betsy

    Send me two 🙂 I’ve been wondering what to do with these two babies

  7. Natalie Patterson

    Holy cow there really is a baby in that thing. The feet look white – whose baby is it?

  8. Ashley

    That is awesome!!! Have you put Everett in one??

  9. I think Landon would welcome the change of scenery as he seems to cry in protest when I put him in the bouncy seat yet again.
    And yes, blog title = LAME

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