We just wanted to let everyone know that we are out of Mibu and back at the NTM base. We flew out yesterday (story coming soon.) Then today we found out that all the stuff we shipped over from America had arrived here in Goroka last week. After shipping it last July and having it sit in the port city waiting on the customs officials since October, we are excited to finally have it. So today was a crazy day of unpacking our suitcases from Mibu and our boxes from America–still a lot of work left.

P.S. The picture above is unrelated.

  1. Melissa Theodore

    That is a precious picture!

  2. Kelly Keever

    Glad you’re reunited with all your stuff! 🙂 thankful for safe travels and health. Love y’all.

  3. Amazing picture!!!! Forget the bug — Everett is the most precious little thing!!

  4. Andrea

    What a sweet picture!! Everett is so cute! I see both Belle and Lucy in him. Glad you are back safely!

  5. That picture settles it, I am moving to PNG (E already told me I would have loved the peaceful bush), so when you build your home add a little space for me or find me a plot somewhere! Or you can just ship Everett to me.

  6. Ashley Gaymon

    That picture is too much! I am glad you got your stuff. Seriously, that picture is too much!!

  7. Forget about Everett, that bug is crazy! We’ve got cute kids here in SC, but only on the Osborn’s blog do I get to see bugs like that.

  8. Natalie Patterson

    What in the world kind of bug is that?!

    • Joseph

      A butterfly (struggling for life)

  9. Taryn

    So cute!! I just had a flashback to holding newborn Everett. Time flies. And I’d venture to say that bug never flew again. The wings look a bit sad.

  10. The Glover Family

    Precious picture! Glad to hear you’re OK. Just saw there was a massive, deadly landslide near Mendi.

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