Tomorrow morning I leave for a tribal location where a new couple is moving in to join an existing work. I’m going with a group of guys to help build a house. I’ll be gone for four days. Please pray for:

  • Elizabeth who will be staying with the kids here on the base
  • Our kids
  • For the safety of the team (including me) who will be traveling and building

Also, while we were in Mibu I set up a make-shift portrait studio in our den and asked people to come in so I could snap their pictures. Check out the results here.

  1. Ashley

    Definitely be praying for those requests… Thank you for sharing those. Your pictures are so amazing. I LOVE seeing the people…your friends, just a glimpse into your and e’s life! I’m so thankfuk for friends there for y’all too. So do NTM people all join in and help build the house? Will this be for your house too?

  2. It is so good to have all of these updates from y’all! Checking your blog is one of our favorite things to do. After looking at the pictures, I now have that Sesame Street song in my head, “One of these kids is doing their own thing, One of these kids isn’t the same…” 🙂 Happy house building!

  3. Rick

    the Portrait Studio Photographs are awesome…
    (The color ones are awesome)

    We’re praying for you guys…

    Much love from Hawaii…

  4. The Glover Family

    We’re praying. Love the photos – should be an art exhibit somewhere. Take care and God’s peace and protection over all of you. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Denise

    The pictures are amazing. The restraint it would take for me to take a picture of a snotty nose and leave it snotty. Well, let’s just say you have much self control, Josephilly.

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