The day before leaving Mibu the closest friends we had made from the tribe came bearing gifts. Longe, my language helper, who had come to chat with me every Tuesday and Thursday morning, brought me this bilum she made for me, which she decorated with flowers and onions and filled full of oranges. Posilonge, Joseph’s main language helper/friend who he had spent tons of time with, brought him a bow and arrow, and a bilum  (made by his wife.) We sure felt loved as we left! Don’t worry, we also shared the love, and gave our friends boxes full of food items we had left over-which thrilled them*.


*Among the food we gave away was included a few blocks of butter. The evening after we had given away the food, we answered a knock at the door to find Longe’s husband holding the butter. It looked like they had tried to eat it plain which fit with the fact that he was asking how to use it.

  1. Kelly Keever

    Hahaha! Did it have a big bite mark out of it? Did you laugh?
    Glad you are loved!

  2. Ashley

    That is pretty funny… did u give them some good tips? Is butter look/ taste the same?

  3. Lindsey New

    And I thought you could never have enough butter….

  4. Denise

    The bilum is so pretty! I want a bilum. A plain creamy colored bilum. If it wasn’t for the bugs, I would be right there with you all living the “simple” life (notice I didn’t say easy). MMMmmm who doesn’t like a good bite of butter once in a while?

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