Here are some pictures and details we didn’t have a chance to share while we were in Mibu (mostly because of our limited internet access.)

Here are a few shots from the day we flew in:

This is what an outhouse looks like in the villages. They have three walls and a great view off the side of a cliff.

This is one of the two church buildings.

These are the Husa’s pets.

Here are the girls trying to help Everett walk (despite their efforts, he is walking quite a lot now.)


Later on we got a Christmas package including shades and makeup.

Here is some of the work on clearing ground for the airstrip.

This was the day we made doughnuts.

  1. Graham

    What is that creature?

  2. Lindsey New

    The one of the girls dragging Everett is priceless!!

  3. LOVE all the pics! Thanks for sharing! I want a doughnut now. And an incredibly cute kangaroo-looking pet thing. Oh, and a helicopter ride. Oh, and last thing – I wanna see all of you (in person)!

  4. Joanna

    Please tell me the helicopter had a door. It does not look like it in the pictures. If there are no doors, I know I need to pray extra hard next time you guys fly by helicopter.
    Also, a little google search led Elijah and I to find out the kangaroo is a tree kangaroo.

    • Joseph

      There are doors and they are closed. My dad thought the same thing, I guess they keep the windows really clean.

      • Joanna

        I feel sooooo much better now.

  5. Ashley Post

    Thanks for these amazing pictures! I just love the ones of the girls and Everett!

  6. Denise

    So I was reading the captions and connecting them the picture beneath them instead of above them. I couldn’t figure out how you expected us to see an outhouse from the helicopter, I was straining my eyes to see which building facing the cliffs was the outhouse. Imagine my surprise when the next picture was of a church. haha!

    • Denise

      Actually, the pic above them. You get the idea.

    • Me too, Denise! Must be that our boys have somehow demented our brains? And the one of the people in the church was labeled “the pets”… 🙂

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