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In America I was totally grossed out by washing ziplock bags. I knew in theory it was a good idea to wash them to save money, but it was sort of where I drew the line. I have been known to coupon and shop at Goodwill, but washing out Ziplock bags? Wasn’t going to do it. Well, along with converting to cloth diapers (which was also something I never thought I’d do!) moving over here has also converted me into a bag washer. That’s right, I wash my Ziplock bags. Every once in a while I break down and throw one away, but not usually. They are way more precious over here. And not just to me. Sometime before going to MIbu Joseph took some popcorn in a large ziplock bag (one of those fancy ones with the zipper pull, you know?) to Ginalyn. Just yesterday her parents they were here, and saw my ziplock bags hanging on the line to dry, and told us about how one of their other daughters has converted that ziplock bag into a school bag that she puts her books and papers and pencils in. Perfect to hold them and as an added bonus, they won’t get wet. Apparently all of her classmates are pretty jealous of this fancy bag and asked her where she got it, and of course she told them “My parents have friends who are white and they gave it to me.”  I think if I had had a classmate carry her books to school in a ziplock bag (even a fancy name brand one with a zipper pull) we would have made fun of her. What a different world we live in here. I had to use some serious self control to not pull out my whole stash of gallon size ziplock bags to provide bookbags for the rest of her school.

  1. Beth M.

    Could we send you a box of the fancy ones to hand out? How long would it take to get to you?

  2. The Glover Family

    How precious. Thanks for sharing and putting life into perspective. I too would like to send a fancy box of gallon bags. Is that possible?

  3. Ashley Gaymon

    We are in, too! Fancy ziplocks on the way!

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