Friday the Junior class of the missionary-kid high school had a Valentine’s dinner (as a fund raiser.) The invitation said families were welcome so we decided to take the whole gang. I guess when you don’t have a dish washer and the restaurant selection in town isn’t that great, an event like this sounds pretty good. Beforehand my excitement level was only medium at best, but then Elizabeth decided we should tell the girls that we would all be going to a Princess Ball. Game-changer. Despite the fact that dinner was in a school-cafeteria-esque room with sheets hanging from the ceiling to create “romantic” nooks, the girls were dazzled by the flowers on the table and candlelight. Even Everett seemed to have a good time, which is good because if he had been screaming, it would have been obvious that ours were the only kids there.

Afterward, they were all tuckered out:

  1. Betsy

    glad to see you’re still getting dressed up and going out to dinner. not quite the same as looking like cows at chickfila, but lots of fun 🙂

  2. Ashley Gaymon

    Looks like ya’ll had fun!! The princesses were so pretty, and Mommy looked beautiful! You are one blessed man, Joseph Osborn, but I know I don’t have to tell you that. =) Love ya’ll on this Valentine’s Day!

  3. So, how often do the girls wear those dresses?

    • Joseph


  4. Kelly Keever

    Love it! Was there dancing? Happy valentine’s day!

    • Joseph

      Only Belle, Lucy and I danced.

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