1. Katie

    I love your blog, but if you make a post with pictures of different snakes you’ve run into, I’m never looking at it again!

    • Sister Hannah

      Our Cousin Abigal would agree with you.

  2. 1. Why would anyone want to see these pictures larger?
    2. I hope the frogs eat all these other critters.

  3. kelley

    Seriously! Ten pics is usually among my favorite posts. Just mean… 🙂

  4. Julia

    I agree with Joey. Happy eating, Mr. Frog.

  5. Andrea

    We WERE planning on moving to PNG but now if we’ll have to rethink our life plans because I can not live in a country that has man eating spiders ;). No seriously if I rounded the corner one day and was met by any of those spiders i would have a massive heartache.

  6. I am clearly in the minority, but I love seeing all of those critters…I wish we had some of them for our bug board! Thanks for posting!

  7. Denise

    That’s not funny.

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