I made this book in school with Mommy.

The one wearing the red dress is my mommy. The one wearing the blue shirt is my daddy. The one wearing the pink dress and is littler than the other one that is wearing the pink dress is Lucy. And the pink dress that is older than the little one wearing the pink dress is me. And the green blanket is Everett. This is my Family.

My mother has a purse. My mother is sitting in a chair.

My father is standing up and he’s trying to reach and grab Lucy’s hand.

Lucy is trying to reach to mommy and ask if she can hold Everett. Lucy’s sleeves are supposed to be long. Her hair is brown–the curls are because the real Lucy has curls in her hair at the end.

Everett is laying in the grass–I was supposed to draw grass but I didn’t want to. He is wrapped up in a blanket because the grass is pokey.

I am standing up wearing my pink flower dress and I have two rubber bands in my hair and I have a bow. And I am trying to get Aurora, my kitty.

Aurora is running to try to catch a bug

I love my house here.


  1. Samuel

    This is amazing!

  2. Kelly Keever

    Her last sentence makes me so happy!

      • Ditto, y’all. I did an out-loud “awwww”. 🙂

  3. Taryn

    Oozing preciousness!! I can just hear her saying all of that. And I also smiled at her last sentence 🙂

  4. Joanna

    Yes, I love the house. What does a PNG born kid draw a house like?

  5. Teresa

    This is wonderful – thanks for sharing!

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