If you didn’t watch our video of Everett walking (or if you didn’t see Kelly Keever at Grace on Sunday,) you may not have heard, but Elizabeth is pregnant. Due October 3rd. And in other news…

We both had a language evaluation about a week ago and each did well. We are “almost finished” with our formal language study in PNG’s trade language. This doesn’t mean that we are fluent, it just means that we know enough (almost) to function well. In reality, I think we are actually done, but Terry, our overseer, doesn’t want us moving on without our fellow-orientees who are still in bush orientation. (Just kidding, Terry. I know you read our blog because you can’t get enough of us.) So here are a few things we would appreciate you all praying for:



My time with Hoax is running out. For those of you who have been following the blog, you know who Hoax is, but if not here are some relevant points: Hoax is my #1 language helper; we spend a few hours together a couple times a week; he is a church goer, but is not clear on the gospel; his Christianity is mixed with traditional beliefs. Since we’ve covered the basics of Pidgin, I asked Hoax today if we could start talking about some Biblical stories and concepts so that I could learn some Pidgin words and phrases that might be unique to this subject. Additionally I asked him if we could talk about how Biblical beliefs would compare to traditional PNGian beliefs in order to prepare me for what I might face in a tribe. Both of these are legitimately goals of mine, but as you might guess, I am most eager to discuss the plane truth of God’s word with Hoax. Please be praying for our conversations over the next few weeks–we will start tomorrow with Adam and Eve.


Soon we will be focusing more of our attention on what comes next, namely partnering with other missionaries and figuring out which tribe to move into. Please be praying for this process–specifically that God will direct us and we will hear him clearly.


  1. Kelly Keever

    Thanks for the shout-out but I really have only talked about it when people bring it up 🙂 or when I called Molly…..

  2. Shandi

    Wow, I did miss it! This is wonderful news–well actually, two pieces of very good news, but the baby is especially exciting. 🙂 Congratulations on all counts!

  3. Suzanne Kelly

    Now didn’t we all predict you having a jungle baby? How exciting! Congratulations! Our family prays for you often!

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