1. Ashley

    Nothing greater than playing in the mud!

  2. Gross.

    But now at least you have an excuse to get rid of that outfit.

    • Denise


  3. Ashley Gaymon

    So cute!!!!!! Joey is crazy. I love the outfit …….and the little boy!!!

    • Elizabeth

      thanks ash…i love the outfit too! and the little boy!

  4. Joey Osborn

    Samuel says this is reminiscent of Joseph and him digging in the mud when they were younger. Apparently digging is hereditary???

    • Elizabeth

      I think it is hereditary…i think its on the Y chromosome! 🙂

  5. kelley

    Cute! And congratulations to you guys!

    • Elizabeth

      Thanks Kelley!

  6. Suzanne Kelly

    Yuck! Who needs toys? He’s so cute! Love his toes in the pictures! I’m sad for that adorable outfit, will it ever be the same?!

  7. Lindsey New

    Cute pictures! Can’t wait to see this boy.

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