As I mentioned last week, I’ve been spending time with Hoax talking about Biblical stories in an effort to explore a new arena of the Pidgin language and, more importantly, share with him the truth of God’s story. We’ve talked three separate times now and I thought I’d share how it’s going. If there is too much detail for you here, feel free to skip to the bottom and read about Hoax’s reaction. Here is what we’ve covered:

Creation – I talked about God creating everything emphasizing God’s power and authority over creation as well as the fact that he is separate from that which he created. I concluded with the fact that God made everything good.

Adam and Eve – I told Hoax that God created Adam and Eve good as well, in his own image, and different from the rest of creation because of this. God gave them life, put them in Eden, a perfect place for them, and provided them with a continuous source of life. Additionally he gave them a single rule and explained the consequence of breaking this rule. Adam and Eve rejected God to follow their own/Satan’s way and they were punished just as God had promised. God is not a liar and he judges disobedience. Adam and Eve were separated from God (spiritual death) and from the tree of life (physical death.) They corrupted the image in which they had been made and passed this corrupted image on to their descendants (including us.) We, therefore, are all born outside of Eden, separated from God.

Cain and Abel – I told this story and reiterated that God punishes sin. (My main motivation for including this story was to lay the foundation for later talking about the difference between Cain and Abel: Abel’s faith explained in Hebrews 11)

Noah – I told this story explaining that people were living according to their nature inherited from Adam and again pointed out that God punishes sin. God dealt out judgement and simultaneously provided life to Noah who trusted and obeyed him. I read where, following the flood, God told Noah and sons to fill the earth.

Babel – As I told the story of the tower I explained that people were ignoring God’s command to fill the earth which brought judgment. I also explained, of course, that this was the beginning of different languages–something we are acutely aware of as we talk.

God’s Promise to Abraham – I read God’s promise to Abraham as he called him to leave his home. I told Hoax how Abraham and Lot set out with their households and belongings.

Lot – I told how Lot settled in Sodom. I talked about the wickedness of Sodom and God’s plans to judge the people, but save Lot and family. I pointed out that (like with Noah) God provided salvation and administered judgement. I also explained what happened to Lot’s wife and again highlighted that God does not lie and does punish disobedience.

Abraham – I read the accounts of God reiterating his promises to Abraham and Abraham’s doubts. I read that God reckoned Abraham righteous because of his faith. I also read God’s foretelling of the Egyptian slavery as a foundation for later. I explained how Abraham and Sarah doubted God’s plans and attempted to fulfill them on their own. God, however, accomplished his own plans. I then explained how God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, but provided a substitute.

Hoax’s Reaction – Every time we have talked, Hoax’s reaction has been the same. He tells me he is very happy to hear these stories because he has never heard them told before as complete stories or had them connected in a logical or sequential way. He is very thankful that I am willing to share with him. He usually has some questions which reveal his confusion as he tries to reconcile what I am telling him with what he has been taught before. As an example, one of his first questions was whether it is true (as some around here say) that you must go to church on Saturday to get to Heaven. I told him this is a good question, but I wouldn’t answer it now. I explained that I want to tell him the complete story of the Bible starting with the foundation and then he will be able to answer the question himself. I told him our biggest problem is that, because we are Adam’s descendants, we are born enemies of God and our primary question should be, “How do we become friends of God?”

Our time together has been very encouraging and it is such a blessing to share with someone who is eager to hear God’s word. Please pray with us that God would enlighten Hoax so that he might know what is the hope of God’s calling, the wealth of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and the incomparable greatness of his power toward those who believe.



  1. Molly

    thank you for the update! we have been praying for your remaining time with Hoax, and will continue to do so.

  2. Chris McGowan

    Thanks for sharing Joseph. That is great to hear. I love your patient approach to helping him understand the context for his questions. I will pray for him and your family.

  3. The Glover Family

    Precious story. Love his innocence. We’ve been learning about animism for home school and I had no idea how much fear those believers live in. Am praying for you and Hoax and for God to open his heart and eyes to see and know the love of God. Hope Elizabeth is well. Hello to her from us. PS – Your kids are adorable. 🙂

  4. Denise

    Sounds much like a conversation that was had in our living room not so long ago, doesn’t it? Maybe we should hire our children out to help prepare people for the mission field. Please keep us included on your conversation with Hoax. It will be so exciting to see and hear his illumination to the One true God. I cant thank you enough for the time you take to keep this blog going. It is truly priceless. It’s like being there but without having to worry about the insects.

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