We eat a lot of yummy fruit here in PNG.  There are amazing bananas, pineapples and papayas.  We also get strawberries and mulberries.  In Mibu they had wonderful oranges.  A couple of our favorite fruits are new  to us here though.  Lucy in particular has developed a fondness for diwai tomatoes and sugar fruit/passion fruit.


The “diwai tomato,” or “tree tomato,” is the reddish one on the left.  You eat it by peeling off the skin and holding it by the stem, as Lucy is demonstrating here. I don’t think it tastes anything like a tomato, but more like a plum.

The purplish fruit on the right is a passion fruit.  There are also yellow ones that are called sugar fruits.  They taste a little different, but are really similar.  Belle isn’t crazy about these because you have to suck out the goo, which is full of seeds,  from the inside.  It’s a little strange.  I was first exposed to these in Peru back in 2006 and didn’t care for them at all, but they have definitely grown on me here.  And Lucy has loved them since the first time she tried them!  To eat these, first you crack a hole in the top and then you suck out the inside through the hole.  Here’s Lucy showing how to suck out the slimy inside.

So maybe our kids are missing out on grapes, peaches and blueberries, but they are enjoying some new fruits instead!

  1. Molly

    grapes are completely overrated. i think my kids would starve if we lived there, they are so un-adventurous about trying new foods. oh, and can we just note lucy’s gorgeous eyelashes? must be the passionfruit and tree tomatoes.

  2. Natalie Patterson

    We love fruit in our house, in fact, I don’t think there has ever been a fruit my kids have said no to. Right now there are bananas, apples, kiwi, grapes, oranges, and plums in the refrigerator and a couple of cans of pineapple in the pantry. However, I have to say that even this fruit-loving family would probably draw the line at “sucking the goo” out of a passion fruit. That seems way too strange for me.

  3. karen swoap

    I always thought that passion fruit and pomegranates were the same fruit. Guess not!

  4. mom o

    Both the little girl and the fruit in the first picture look like Georgia Peachers to me!

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