Since my last report, here is what we’ve covered:

Isaac and Jacob – I explained to Hoax that God extended the promises he made to Abraham on to Isaac. After Isaac married Rebekah and they had Esau and Jacob, Esau traded his birthright and then Jacob deceived Isaac to get Esau’s blessing. I told Hoax that, despite Jacob’s flaws and the fact that he did not deserve anything by his own merit, God chose to pass the promises on to him. I pointed out God’s faithfulness in carrying out his promise to Abraham. I also explained how Jacob was deceived by Laban in a fashion similar to that which he deceived his own father. Then Jacob had 2-4 wives and plenty of trouble.

Joseph – I told Hoax about Joseph’s dreams, his brothers’ reactions and his resulting slavery in Egypt. I continued with Joseph’s explanation of Pharaoh’s dreams and pointed out that the interpretation belongs to God who is sovereign. I then talked about how Jacob and family ended up in Egypt and God continued to preserve them even by using a wicked nation for His purposes.

Egypt – I explained that God blessed and multiplied Israel even as they served as slaves in Egypt. Additionally, I pointed out that this was a fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham (and used a new phrase Hoax had taught me when I had tried to say that Pharaoh’s dreams were filled.) During this time we talked some about the fact that God’s plans may not seem good to those who are in the middle of them. I told him the Israelites in the 300th year of their slavery may not have been too happy about God’s plan. In the same way, we may not see what is good about God’s plan for Ginalyn to have lupus, but He is sovereign and is working things out according to his design.

Exodus – I read to Hoax the account of God calling Moses who responded with fear and reluctance. However, as God told Moses, His plans depended on Himself, not Moses. I told Hoax about Moses’ interactions with Pharaoh and God’s plan to use the plagues to show Israel that he was their God who brought them out of Egypt and to show Egypt that he was the true God. I also showed how this was a fulfillment of part of God’s promise to Abraham–Israel was now a nation and God was beginning to deal with them as a whole rather than just the patriarchs individually. As I explained the plagues and the passover, I told Hoax again how seriously God takes sin and that he once again provided judgement and a way to life. I finished with the Red Sea and another reiteration of God’s judgement and salvation.

Hoax’s Reaction

Hoax continues to tell me how happy he is to hear these stories. After our last time together he said he had one question and then said something like this: “You’ve been telling me a lot about Israel and how God was taking care of them. But I’m from another line. And you are from another line. We’re not part of Israel.” Then he said, “Yumi bai mekim wanem olsem God bai kisim yumi,” which means “What should we do so that God will claim us?” It was such an encouragement to hear this question and know that Hoax is putting the pieces together as we progress–to know that he recognizes we have a problem that needs a solution. After taking a moment to control the tears of joy wanting to escape, I told Hoax I wasn’t telling yet. I told him that it was very important that he understand the whole story and not just pieces. I told him I don’t want him to be confused any longer so I don’t want to try to put the roof on this house before the walls go up. He said he was happy for that and glad that I was giving him the whole story.

Please keep praying for us!



  1. Denise

    I had tears as well. That is an absolutely beautiful story and I am glad that we, too, are getting it a little at a time. It allows us to appreciate the time it is taking to build this relationship and communicate in a way that can be understood and accepted. I can’t wait for the rest of the story of Hoax! (It’s like waiting for the next episode of Downton Abbey!) So wonderful to see the effectiveness of God’s ministry there. I would think that it is affirming to know that you are truly following God’s plan for your family’s life. We will continue to pray for Hoax and for you.

  2. Thanks for sharing these conversations. Praying for you!

  3. I’m glad I don’t have to contain my tears of joy! So beautiful!

  4. karen swoap

    Wow! This is such an amazing series of conversations! What a joy to see God working in Hoax’s heart and to see his yearning to be claimed by God!

  5. I love that we are telling our “campers” in Camp Grace each week this whole story too, a little bit at a time, so they too will understand exactly why they need a savior and how Jesus is that perfect redeemer.
    Can’t wait to read the next Hoax installment!

  6. Shandi Stevenson

    Wow, this is so exciting! Will continue to pray!

  7. Mollie

    I agree with Denise, it brought tears to my eyes. I found it nice to hear the recap in your words and so overwhelmed at Hoax’s response and excitement. I have never really had that experience of someone wanting to hear the Gospel or being openly hungry for it. I am proud of my friends and mostly in awe of my Lord for how He goes before and prepares hearts… getting ready to go to Kenya for the first ever mission trip and this makes me even more excited. Thanks for letting us be a part of your mission.

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