I was reminded the other day of a silly story that I never shared with you from our time in MIbu. One day I was talking to my language helper, Longe, and she was telling me all about the two main languages in the area, Ma and maNA (stress on the NA). Many people in the villages intermarry, so many couples in her village, including she and her husband, have one Ma speaker and one maNA speaker. Well, as she is telling me all this she keeps saying Ma and maNA over and over again, but in Pidgin the word for “and” is “na” so she kept saying “Ma na maNa.” I really could hardly keep from laughing as it sounded like she was singing the muppets song! “Do doo do do doo, ma na ma na, do doo do doo, ma na ma na…”

  1. Curses. Now it’s in my head.

    Ma na ma na . . . .

  2. Denise

    That is the funniest thing I have heard today. Followed by Joey’s response as the 2nd funniest.

  3. Andrea

    That gave me the giggles!

  4. Molly

    you mean that’s all it takes to learn a new language?

    nancy keeps asking me to turn it off.

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