Last weekend Hoax and Margaret had us out to their place for a cook-out. Most of the cooking action actually happened in doors in this part of their house:

The process began with Hoax chopping up the chicken we brought into chunks of meat, skin and tendons (at least he took out most of the bones.)

Then he mixed in the greens…

and ground up the ginger before adding it.

In the meantime Elizabeth helped Margaret peel the potatoes.

Once the main course was mixed, Hoax stuffed it into some recently cut bamboo.

During this time the kids were growing impatient so Lucy had a diwai tomato for a snack and Catula, their two and half year old, started nursing. No biggie.

With the potatoes boiling in the pot, Hoax started to cook the rest of the food inside the bamboo.

When it was all done, the bamboo was emptied and the feast was begun.

This was, without a doubt, the tastiest traditional PNG meal we have had.

  1. mom o

    ‘Dining out’ takes on an entirely new meaning! It all looks pretty good. I’ll have to remember Hoax’s method for grinding ginger. I guess you got to supply the meat again. That’s what we do for our Home Group every other Sunday night.

  2. Eli is two-and-a-half. So thankful for cows right now.

  3. Kelley Haff

    What kind of sanitation is there after handling raw meat? Are you guys (especially Elizabeth right now) ever nervous to eat what is prepared?

    • Joseph

      Would you consider rinsing one’s hands with river water “sanitation?” And yes, we are nervous.

  4. The Glover Family

    I’m truly amazed at your kids — how they’ve adapted to a totally different way of life. My 10-yr-old would probably never eat this meal! However, if that’s what’s served, that’s what you eat or you go hungry. 🙂 I’d have to keep her away from the food prep area for sure!
    How’s Ginalyn? Did she eat with you all? Continue to pray.

    • Joseph

      Ginalyn is improving slowly. I’m taking them to the clinic again tomorrow, so we’ll see what the doctor thinks. Yes, she did eat with us.

      • The Glover Family

        So glad she ate with you. Thanks for taking her to the clinic. Grateful you’re there for her. God is good indeed. Blessings to you all. 🙂

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