We have neighbors, but no streets. Can we call that a neighborhood? Regardless, here are some of the things we’ve done for fun over the last few weeks:

Sprinkler fun.

Fun on the slide.

A slip n slide of tarps for Noah’s 4th birthday.

Belle was more interested in manning the hose than risking a slip.

Dressing alike according to PNG fashion.

Watching Winnie the Pooh projected onto a bed sheet outside.

It’s a pretty fun neighbor-area.


  1. karen swoap

    What great fun! Nothing like bringing the best of home with you…slip and slide and Pooh! So fun to see the girls and the neighbors laughing together! Hope you have a great Easter! He is Risen and that is what brought you there! Amen.

  2. Kelly Keever

    Love this post for so many reasons! Love Everett and his diapered boys pic and the Dressing alike Merri picture. Makes me so happy to see all the friends and community! Love Belle and Lu watching “Poop” as Isaiah calls him. Thanks for sharing your fun!

  3. Kelley Haff

    The only thing cuter than a baby in nothing but a diaper, has to be 3 babies in diapers! Elizabeth, I love the trendy flowers you added to your traditional shirt.

    • Elizabeth

      kelley, that’s so funny that you knew i added those flowers!

  4. Looks like a lot of fun to be in your neighborhood!

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