I took Hoax and Ginalyn to the NTM clinic again this past week. Despite the fact that she had appeared to be improving over the last month, she seemed to take a turn for the worse in the week leading up to this appointment. When we went to the clinic she was very weak and even thinner than before. She had a fever (which is especially bad considering her lupus medicine suppresses her immune system) and needed a blood transfusion. Since they cannot do blood transfusions at the clinic, the doctor sent her to the hospital in Goroka.

Hoax was planning to go home and then to the hospital the next day because he would have to get sheets, blankets and food for their stay at the hospital since those things are not provided.* The doctor and nurses stressed that it was very important to go right away because of the fever and one of the nurses loaned them bedding from the clinic. I got Ginalyn some Bugles form the mission grocery store–her favorite snack–and then dropped them off at the hospital.

I called Hoax yesterday to check in and they were still at the hospital and he did not know how long they would be there. Regardless of how the next few days go, the outlook is grim. Please be praying for Ginalyn and her family.

*Does that sound like a place you would like to deliver a baby?

  1. The Glover Family

    Thanks for the update. My heart breaks for her — as a mother, a nurse, and a Christian. Do you know her ‘saved’ status? Oh how I would love to be there to comfort her and pray with her. Please know we’re praying. God’s blessings to you and your family this Easter. God’s mercy and healing over Ginalyn.

    • Joseph

      No we don’t know.

  2. Heavy heart after reading the bogs and Joseph’s answer to the first post. Prayers for Ginalyn…

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