Happy Easter! We love to celebrate Easter. It seems like it deserves a big celebration, seeing as it is the time we celebrate Jesus taking our punishment and rising from the dead to show he accomplished that. I hope all of you have a great time celebrating that tomorrow too!

We made Easter a week long event this year. We read lots of Children’s Bible accounts of the Easter story all week, bit by bit, leading up to the big day on Sunday. We also made several Easter crafts, albeit mostly egg related in some way! It is just so fun to go a little crazy with little kids and holidays.

For the last couple of years we have gone to our friend Logan’s big, fabulous easter egg hunt/brunch as part of our easter celebration. So this year I stole her idea and planned an easter egg hunt/brunch here on the mission base on Saturday. We had a great turn out and great food, and the kids seemed to have a wonderful time finding the eggs despite the fact that we didn’t have any plastic eggs and had to improvise with paper ones stapled to the candy!

 Paper Mache Egg craft/decoration

 The brunch spread

 Me reading to all the kiddos while the dads hid the eggs

 Egg hunting

 Found one!

 The paper eggs

We had to dye eggs, of course, but we weren’t sure how they would turn out, as all of our eggs here in PNG are brown.  It turns out brown eggs dye quite nicely!  They were beautiful jewel tones, and the spots showed through on some which was really pretty.

Everett didn’t dye any eggs, but he still had a lot of fun!

Pretty eggs

On Easter day the kids awoke to treats in their Easter buckets/Easter dump truck (the truck wasn’t actually an Easter gift, but I couldn’t find anything else to put Everett’s goodies in!). Filling Easter baskets is a little trickier over here, but we made it work. I made some homemade peanut butter eggs and rice krispie nests and made the girls headbands, but they were (of course) most excited about the bag of tiny teddies (local snacks similar to teddy grahams) that I threw in to fill the buckets up!

After they had sufficient time to get into their loot it was time to hunt for the real eggs that Daddy hid before the kids got up.

Everett found one!

Then we had dutch babies for breakfast and read about the empty tomb before getting ready to go to church. Whew! We went to church on the other NTM base that is nearby where they had a cantada of Easter hymns. There was no childcare, but, amazingly, Everett sat on my lap through the whole thing! I was so proud of him!

We had a low key afternoon, but celebrated with a big dinner tonight with 3 other families and a single guy. I had fun setting a fancy table since we don’t usually do that around here! We shared a wonderful meal of ham, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, jello salad, slaw and rolls. And the company was great as well! We are so thankful for the friends we have here!

The spread

The table (I forgot to actually take pics of the people)

 Tonight we are fat and happy… and thankful for an empty tomb! Happy Easter everyone!!

  1. Looks like y’all had a great celebration/s! And kind of awesome that your kids got to wear those outfits again, you did a great job on them, they’ve held up well!
    And, we do brown eggs too!

  2. Ashley Gaymon

    Such a sweet, special Easter for ya’ll! We missed ya’ll being here, but we are thankful that you are spreading the Easter story to the people of PNG. Happy Easter to the Osborns!

  3. Kristen Belflower

    You amaze me, Elizabeth! Your brunch and dinner look great and your flower arrangement could rival Logan’s! Lucy’s hair is getting so long! She is looking more like Belle in some of the pictures. Happy Easter to you all!

    • Elizabeth Osborn

      I definitely can’t take credit for the flowers…Joseph is the florist in our family! He took the kids to pick flowers and made that great arrangement.

  4. Andrea

    I love how Lucy decided the spoon was too much trouble and just plunge her hand into the cup! Maggie and Emma had the same thoughts :).

  5. Lindsey New

    We definitely missed our Easter dinner with you guys, but so glad to see the celebration that you all had! And did I see the girls in Christmas outfits?!

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