As a pet, Aurora is only so-so. She can be quite annoying, in fact. However, as a mouse trap, she is fantastic. Our neighbors, the Butlers, recently had a mouse problem and one afternoon, when they caught a glimpse of the mouse, I retrieved Aurora and took her next door. As Josh made a raucous to scare the mouse from behind a cabinet, I held Aurora on the other side. When the mouse emerged about knee-high on a gas line I temporarily lowered Aurora to it like I was dipping crab legs in butter and when she came back up the mouse was in her mouth.

The next day the Butlers spotted another mouse (likely kin to the first) and team Joseph-Aurora answered the call again. This time the mouse came out on the floor behind the oven so I just threw Aurora at it and she immediately snatched it up. I had to lift her out from behind the oven as the mouse wriggled in her mouth. The picture above is of her playing with this second mouse outside–its last moments alive.

  1. Kelly Keever

    I just taught Calahan yay-boo. Aurora as a mouse trap YAY, Aurora as a pet BOO…

    • Kelly Keever

      Jeremy told me I’m supposed to end with a Yay… So… I get to see y’all in 4 months, YAY!!!!

    • Joseph

      Teaching that atrocious activity to another generation: boo

  2. Mollie

    loving the mouse’s glassy-eyed end of life expression as she plays with it. I used to watch my cat catch chipmunks and throw them in the air for about 30 minutes or so before they ate it… pretty funny.

  3. Molly

    can you bring aurora with you in 4 months? i have chipmunks in our garden that need to be taught a lesson. way different than mice in the Butler’s house that need to be taught a lesson, though.

  4. Elizabeth Osborn

    Today aurora caught yet another mouse in the butlers house. Then promptly brought it to our porch and ate the head off…and threw it up….On our porch. So I got to clean that up. boo.

  5. Beth M.

    I hate to admit it, but I feel sorry for the mouse. He’s so cute. We had one in the house last year and Camryn caught it in a shoebox. Then we took it to Mini Miracles farm and let it go. I couldn’t bear to kill it. I’m a softy.

  6. Glover family

    Cute kitty !

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