1. Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Curiosity question: Is that fog or smoke in pic #3?

    • Joseph


  3. Kelly Keever

    Who is the man reading to Belle and Lucy?
    Harper and Calahan think it’s amazing that little boy has a machete! What would he use it for?

    • Joseph

      Just some guy who’s always hanging around. J/K, his name is Bill and he and his wife live here on the same base as we do. They are from Australia and have been missionaries here in PNG since the ’70s (I think.)
      I don’t know what that boy will use the machete for. He might be carrying to a parent or just playing with it. He might use it kill a snake or eat a sweet potato.

      • Kelly Keever

        Now we want to know about the lady who looks to be eating her necklace. They also want me to tell you the last pic of the little boy looks like Isaiah. (it doesn’t 😉 )

        • Joseph

          She’s eating some greens she just cooked up. I think her necklace just got tangled in them as she lifted them to her mouth. Maybe she was distracted by the white person aiming a giant barrel of glass at her.

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