In front of our house we have a popo tree (pronounced poe-poe meaning papaya) which is about eleven or twelve feet tall. When I want, I can get a popo off of it with my bush knife pretty easily. In Mibu, however, there were some popo trees in front of our house that were closer to twenty-five or thirty feet tall. Popo trees only have branches at the very top and they are not very big around so I was curious how one might get a popo from one of those trees. One day I asked a boy how they would get a popo down. He walked to a nearby banana tree and cut off two of its gigantic leaves and ripped the center vein out of them. Then he twisted these veins together to make the loop you can see him carrying in this picture:

He put his feet in the loop and pressed it around the tree like this:

Then he shimmied right up using the loop as a step as he pressed it against the trunk.

I was impressed and did not try it myself.

  1. Impressive. I plan to remember this skill for some day when I get on Survivor.
    Be sure to post a picture of the first Osborn to tackle this feat… my money is on Everett.

    • Kelley Haff

      I bet your right, Terri!

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