This week the girls and I spent a night in our (2-man) tent. Despite the fact that it was crowded, all three of us made it through the night.

Before “lights-out” we spent some time reading books together. Lucy actually said, “This is a fun night” at one point which, of course, made the hassle worth it. The girls wiggled and giggled for quite a while after their official bed time, but were asleep by 8:30 and they didn’t wake up until 6am–not counting a brief conversation between Lucy and me at about 4am.

In the morning Everett took a turn pretending to sleep in the tent too.

  1. Kelley Haff

    Is there a reason you are wearing a fleece and pants and he’s in a diaper? I’ll also have to show Sophie that your girls have matching sleeping bags to hers!

    • Joseph

      Kelley, I wish I had a good explanation, but I don’t.

      • Kelley Haff

        Maybe just b/c babies in diapers are unbelievably cute!

  2. Lindsey New

    I’m so relieved that Joseph got to wear his favorite item of clothing.

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