1. mom o

    What a wonderful testimony! Joseph, you are so blessed to be doing this work and we are blessed through you. Thank you for being true to what God has called you to do. This makes we want to shout for joy….after I wipe away the tears of joy.

  2. Taryn

    Awesomeness! Beautiful. Just the beginning of how the Lord will use the Osborns in PNG. My heart is happy and full hearing him speak about your relationship and then THE relationship.

      • Kelly Keever

        Thanks for doing that Joseph! What a blessing for us to see and hear Hoax speak.

        • Yes! So thankful for the technology to allow this video! Thank you! Beautiful and wonderful! Praise God!

  3. Powerful and clear story of a man that God used you to touch clearly and deeply.Way to go!

  4. Ashley

    How amazing! One body. One Savior. Praise God!

  5. Gina Lee

    I’m sitting here with tears flowing with JOY!!! Jesus said to go, and you followed. THANK YOU! If we could all just change ONE, imagine what God could do! I pray for you guys daily. Thank you for keeping this blog updated. God is AMAZING and I’m so glad to know you are working so hard for Him! THANK YOU!

  6. Mollie

    How powerful to see this transformation through God opening his heart and through your faithfulness to obey. I am in tears this morning with the overwhelming sense of the global church and how we serve and worship one Lord and Savior. I just got back from Kenya and this was one of the most important things that struck me. I am thankful for you guys and thankful you are sharing this journey with us. Praying for you guys and love you guys.

  7. karen swoap

    Oh, My! I am typing this with tears on my face…and Sarah has heard/seen the video too. What a joy to hear Hoax understand! What a thrill for y’all to be encouraged this way that you are and will conitinue to make a difference in PNG. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story…I can imagine the angels singing now!

  8. Denise

    Yay! How rewarding, affirming, and encouraging for you all to be able to be a part and witness to Hoax’s salvation. Some missionaries go years before seeing first fruit of their effort. I cannot wait to share this with Todd and the boys when they come home. We have been following Hoax’s journey together. Now, Joseph and Elizabeth, can you work with Ginalynn? I fear her life does not have much longer on this earth and that she too must understand, as Hoax has.

  9. Ashley Mozingo

    I will be happy to meet Hoax in heaven one day. I doubt I will ever meet him in PNG, but I am glad I can be on the team of someone who loves him.

  10. Whitney Cawley

    I love it!!! It’s so exciting to see how God is working through y’all there. 🙂 Thanks for sharing…it’s awesome and encouraging. Yeah God!!

  11. Greta Fuller

    Thank you so much for sharing this video with us and sharing Jesus with Hoax! Just watched this with Ella and Macy–they said “it’s really cool that there is a new believer in another country and he can tell more people and they can tell more people…” So true! Praying for the Osborn family as you advance the Kingdom in PNG!

  12. Alyssa Rogers

    this is such an AMAZING testimony!! I am going to show this to my classmates at schhol 🙂 love yall! ~alyssa rogers and the rogers family

  13. Sharon Jacobs

    OMG! Eternity belongs to Hoax! How cool is that! But I do have a few questions 🙂

    I thought Christianity was a new teaching where you are? Hoax said that both he and his parents went to church….people are exposed to Christianity there?

    I am sure other missionaries had tried to teach Hoax about Jesus, but maybe not? Was this the first time he ever had real teaching about Jesus?

    Can you really become good at speaking Pidgin in such a short time? I would think it would take years to become fluent in a language?

    • Joseph

      Sharon, Pidgin is a very simple trade language that came about as explorers settled in PNG and tried communicating with the natives. It has an uncomplicated structure and a lot of English influence. When we move into a tribe and learn a real PNG tribal language, it will likely take years.
      Answers to your other questions are coming soon.

  14. Shandi Stevenson

    Wow, finally getting to see this, and on the verge of tears. Very encouraging, very exciting. So thankful for the “firstfruits” of your ministry there!

  15. Mary Beth

    I am waaaaayyyy behind on all of your posts (among other things) 😀 …. I think my heart stopped beating while I was watching that!! So exciting! Ahhh!! So awesome.

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