It’s election time here in Papua New Guinea which means the candidates are out and about serving food and giving speeches. One candidate is planning to visit Hoax’s neighborhood so, in preparation, they built this grandstand.

Election season in PNG brings with it a higher likelihood of violence (particularly in the cities) and, on top of that, PNG’s supreme court just ruled in a case between two men both claiming to be the rightful Prime Minister. All together this has produced higher than normal levels of tension. We are fairly isolated from any potential violence, but we would ask you to pray for peace in Papua New Guinea.

  1. Molly

    what was the court’s ruling?

    and what will they do with the grandstand after the candidate comes?

  2. Irene Godfrey

    “Everett in the Rain” is now Grandma’s screensaver. She adores that picture! MomO is in Ohio to say goodbye to Uncle Ralph. He went with Poppy on Monday.

  3. The Glover Family

    We’re praying. God’s peace to all. 🙂

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