This evening I picked up our Kindle for the first time in a few weeks after having read a couple of books printed on actual paper–I’m so retro, I know. Anyway, there was an ant crawling across the screen which isn’t unusual since all of our walls are infested with ants that are immune to any kind of bait or spray that isn’t showered directly on them. I smashed the ant, but then saw another and another. Because I knew the ants were not coming from my hand, I was immediately worried.

These ants like to build their homes in small, enclosed spaces. We’ve found nests of them in desk drawers, folded clothes, small boxes, a battery charger, etc. Knowing that these ants panic when they feel/smell* human breath, I blew into a small notch in the side of the Kindle and immediately a dozen ants charged out. By the time I got the Kindle outside they were crawling out of every point of entry.

After a quick google search on how to disassemble a Kindle, a cracked that thing open and found a thousand or so of the creepy things inside scrambling to protect the larva (insert spiritual lesson on sacrificial love here.) After fifteen minutes of shaking and blowing them out into a pool of poison, I think most of them were taken care of.

After reassembling the Kindle it still worked. The only lasting effect seems to be the phantom ants crawling all over my skin and the fear of what they might invade next.

*I don’t know if it’s the heat or the stench, but they scatter whenever I breathe on them.




  1. Kelly Keever

    Ewww gross! ( said in my best imitation voice of Isaiah)

  2. Taryn

    Where’s one of those big killer spiders when you need one?!! Wouldn’t they eat all the ants? My skin is crawling. Super fun blog post to start my day with! Seriously though, I am thankful to hear about what your life is really like there and I continue to be humbled by it. Hope you can have some peaceful reading moments.

  3. The Glover Family

    Oh my goodness. Not sure I’m cut out for missionary life! Guess keeping EVERYTHING in ziplock bags isn’t practical but sure would keep them out of your special things. So glad it still works — bet Kindle maker would like to see these photos/read your story. 🙂

  4. Now I feel ants crawling all over me. Gross.

    • Ashley

      Me too. Small enclosed places…that makes me thing of my ears!!!

  5. Lindsey New

    Better the Kindle than the flour.

  6. Kelley Haff

    Maybe you need to go back and update the last post. Still trying to contemplate how you get ants this tiny out of Peanut Butter.

  7. Suzanne Kelly

    Oh you are so very brave! Yuck, yuck, yuck!!

  8. Ali

    Yep. Skin crawling here. I love the “get it done” spirit, though! Do what you gotta do.

  9. Sara

    At least you won’t have to order ants to learn about them for school. 🙂

    • Joseph

      Thanks for the positive spin-not worth it though.

  10. I should not complain about our ants anymore!

  11. Denise Corey

    And nobody says anything about he always takes a picture of everything before he kills it, helps it or fixes it!

    • Joseph

      Come on, what would that story be without a picture. You know they say each one is worth a thousand words. So just consider how much reading each of my pictures saves you.

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