As I’ve mentioned before, it’s election time here in PNG. It’s a little different than America for a number of reasons (not even counting the recent power struggle between the two guys claiming to be the legitimate prime minister.) Here is another difference:

Recently, when I walked out to Hoax’s house, I came upon a small gathering of people listening to Hoax talk. After he finished addressing the group, I asked him what the gathering had been about and he explained that a candidate had come to his “neighborhood” and given him 500 kina (monetary unit.) This money was for Hoax to distribute among the people who lived in the area so that they would vote for said candidate–we have a word for this sort of practice in America, don’t we? All I could think of was the Pidgin word for it: braibim, pronounced BRIBE-eem.

One interesting part of this was that Hoax is quite concerned over what might happen if the people don’t vote for this candidate. Apparently the candidate will not have any difficulty finding out how many people form Hoax’s area voted for him once the election is complete. One thing Hoax is not concerned about is anyone finding out that a candidate gave them 500 kina to pay for votes.

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  1. The Glover Family

    WOW! They would be floored over how much our candidates spend on campaigns. Downright craziness, I say. Hope Elizabeth is feeling well. Safe travels back to SC in July. Will you keep us updated on this blog while your in the US? Would love it since we don’t live in SC. 🙂

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