1. Taryn

    My kids LOVED this! Very neat photography work!

  2. Joey Osborn

    Love it! How creative!

  3. Graham

    That’s pretty awesome…but don’t we get a picture of the overjoyed fairies at the end?

    • Joseph

      Unfortunately in real life the ending wasn’t so happy. The girls were pretty worn out after all the pictures and Lucy is actually crying in the last one.

      • Graham

        I had a hunch it was something like that.

  4. Denise Corey

    Awww! I love it! What beautiful fairies! I wish we had fairies like that in the States. Maybe someday soon the fairies with their new wings will fly to the states and visit all the people that love them so much. I have a little girl that would LOVE to see them and get to know them.

    • Joseph

      We are looking forward to it.

  5. Lindsey New

    Avery: That is so adorable! How did they get pink and purple?!
    Gibson: Can we do that one again?

    • Joseph

      Avery, that’s a secret Daddies know. I’m sure your Daddy can do the same thing.

  6. Molly

    Nancy: did he paint belle and lucy?
    love it, when is it coming out on paperback?

    • Joseph

      Sorry, ebook only.

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