On Wednesday Ginalyn was buried in grave behind her house. Here are a few pictures from that day:

Here are some family members from out of town sitting under a make-shift shelter of bamboo poles and a tarp waiting for the burial:


Here the coffin is being carried out of Hoax’s house:


These next two are family and friends are watching the coffin being lowered into the grave:



This is a man in the grave trying to straighten the coffin and it’s coverings.


Here you can see flower petals being tossed in on top of the coffin.


For most of the hour long burial process (including covering the grave with the dirt) Margaret, Ginalyn’s mother, was sitting here beside the grave doing the traditional wailing mixed crying out things like “Ginalyn, where have you gone?” “I won’t forget your pretty face,” “Remember how I got you food and water.”

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  1. The Glover Family

    Thank you for posting. Am still thinking of her sweet face. Godspeed Ginalyn.

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