Kelley Haff, this post is for you! I thought I had done this post months ago when we took the pictures, but when I went back and looked for it to show it to Kelley, I realized it wasn’t there! So its a few months old, but I thought it was interesting none-the-less! Kelley got coconuts in her produce share basket, and I’m sure some others of you did too, so I thought you would like to see what the folks here do with coconuts.

Coconuts are grown in PNG, but not in the highlands. We are able to buy them at the market though. As I understand it, they are brought up here regularly from the coast to sell. The locals have an interesting way to scrape the coconuts, so it was something fun to watch and try out ourselves.

Here is Hoax showing us how to crack open the coconut with a bush knife. I’m not sure I would be able to do this exactly like he does, but he made it look awfully easy.

You can drink the water right out of the coconut. We all tried it. It was ok, but not great.

Here Hoax is showing Joseph how to use the little bench with the scraper on it to scrape the insides out of the coconut. Hoax was so quick at scraping it, but we were a bit slower!

This is the scraper. Its a serrated piece of metal attached to a wooden bench.

After it was all scraped, we added some water and squished it with our hands to make coconut milk. They would then use this in cooking. They like to cook greens in the coconut milk.

After they make the milk they strain the coconut out and eat it.

So that’s how they handle coconuts here in the highlands of PNG! Do those of you who got coconuts in your produce baskets want me to bring you a scraper? 😉

  1. Mollie

    all I could think about was “which of those steps would put me in the emergency room getting my fingers sewn back on”… I do love coconut but may stick to buying it in the bag already shredded. Thanks Elizabeth I do feel smarter already.

    • Elizabeth

      yeah, you wont see me swinging a bush knife toward my hand any time soon! and, in case you were wondering, we’ve been buying the bagged stuff here too! 🙂

  2. Kelley Haff

    Wow. My guess is that process was considerably faster than the one I used. However, I think my fingers were less likely to get cut off! When we were in the Domincan Republic they used a huge knife to whack the top off the coconut (then of course fill it back up with yummy concoctions), but they were big coconuts and didn’t look like the knife was aimed right for their hand! Yummy! But, I do agree with Mollie, the bagged stuff is incredibly convenient.

    • Elizabeth

      chopping the top off and filling it with yummy concoctions sounds good to me! i hear down on the coast they drink the young coconuts, but i haven’t gotten to try that.

      • Graham

        Coconut water from young coconuts is super trendy here.

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