Everett is really into his book, The Big Book of Things That Go, lately as evidenced by how many of the pages have been taped back together after being ripped. Because of this, his current favorite “words” are ‘truck’ and ‘tractor.’

Recently I took him up to the tractor that is owned and used here on our base to sit in the driver’s seat. He was very excited. In the video below you can here Everett’s word for tractor.



  1. Mary Beth

    Oh he is sooooooo precious. How is he talking? I mean, he’s still ten-months old, right?? 🙂

    • Elizabeth

      of course he is…and landon is still in your belly, right? 😉 cant wait to meet him soon!

  2. Natalie Patterson

    Oh my goodness I could eat him up.

    • Elizabeth

      me too!

  3. Lindsey New

    So sweet! How do you ever decide what pictures to display at home?!

    • Elizabeth

      easy…we dont display any!! maybe one day when we build our tribal house…

  4. Ashley Gaymon

    So, so adorable!!!! Can’t wait to see him in person….just like I can’t wait to see all of you in person!

    • Elizabeth

      we cant wait to see all of you in person too!

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