Here are ten (unranked) things we will enjoy during our visit home to America.

Square Footage.

After eleven months, I feel like I can say definitively that the 540 square feet pictured above are not enough for our family of five. We look forward to having a little more breathing room in America.



Roads without tub-holes.

What’s a tub-hole, you ask. It’s like a pot-hole, but you can fit a bath tub in it.


We miss them.

Air Conditioning.

We know from Facebook that it has been pretty hot in America, so we won’t complain about 300 or so consecutive days of temperatures in the eighties, but our tin-roofed-no-insulation-oven of a house reaches about ninety inside every day so we are looking forward to indoor climate control.

Pest control.

I don’t mean professional pest control, just a reasonable expectation that we will be able to control pests.

Leaving our car seats in the car.

Since we use vans owned by the mission any time we drive, we have to install and uninstall our car seats for each trip.

A Supply Chain.

Before coming to PNG, we took it for granted that, if we didn’t buy something while shopping, it would be available the next time we returned to the store. Here, however, there are many things we have seen in a store only once.

Watching football.

I’m still avoiding hearing the outcome of last year’s national championship just in case I have a chance to watch it ever.

Rinsing our toothbrushes in tap water.

Here we have to use a cup of filtered water brought from the kitchen.

  1. Ashley

    I can only imagine….to not be withough chicfila 😉 top one reason we can’t wait for your return to America….to see y’all!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Greta

    We were just talking about y’all and when you will be home over breakfast this morning! Can’t wait to see you! Why isn’t Pizza Inn on that list??

  3. Suzanne Kelly

    So are ya’ll coming home on your original schedule? Looking forward to seeing you!

  4. I hope we’ll get to see y’all, even a little.

    And don’t forget about Sonic happy hour.

  5. Mollie

    don’t know when ya’ll get here, but Cow Appreciation Day is July 13th… you didn’t put “dressing up like a cow” on your top 10 list 🙂
    Can’t wait to see you guys. Maybe we will drop into the 90’s for your visit…

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