Well, we didn’t do much on the actual 4th of July, but today, the 7th, we had a fun filled day celebrating together.  It almost felt like we were home…except we were much cooler here!  We got together with several other families on our base (mostly American, except for one Australian couple and one German gal, but we were happy to include them as well!) and had a cookout as well as fun games for the kids.

Here’s our patriotic family

The guys took turns blowing gigantic bubbles for the kids to pop.

Then we had some fun with water balloons.

Everett really liked to just squeeze them until they popped.  He was SOAKED and we had to change his clothes!

Mr. Dave was the ring leader of all the fun activities for the kids.

Relay race to fill the cups with the sponges.

Our patriotic table complete with yummy spread

Faye made both of these super cute red, white, and blue desserts and I thought they were too cute to not photograph them!

More yummy food and flags made by the kids.

Festive silverware

Digging in

Katie made these cute rockets that explode confetti when the string is pulled.

Pretty fun for the kids

My Patriotic Popsicles

They were actually pretty yummy

And the kids were awfully cute eating them!

It was a fun day!  We had lots of fun planning, decorating, playing, eating way too much and enjoying one another’s company!  It is fun to celebrate some American things over here in the midst of another culture.  We love our little community here!


  1. Ashley Gaymon

    So glad that you love your little community, but that comment also made me sad that you are not still part of our community (physically). Happy Fourth, Osborns!

  2. Lindsey New

    Love seeing your kids in PNG with their smocked 4th outfits!

  3. Denise Corey

    Your celebration looks so fun! Almost more fun than ours (ok, not almost, more like, completely). So the popped bubble picture is AMAZING! I mean does no one appreciate excellent opportunistic photography? That was a great shot.

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