Apple Picking

We missed a whole year of apple picking-and apple eating for the most part–so we are excited about apples.


Considering the fact that almost everyone here raises pigs, it’s surprising there isn’t more bacon.


Especially fall and winter.


There are a few restaurants in town with pools, but they are just filled with tap water, so it’s a little iffy.

Not being awoken by a fly crawling on my face

I don’t feel like this needs an explanation.


The restaurant, not the place in Greece.

Having floors that aren’t painted concrete

They are nice when we have to clean up spills, but that’s the only time.

Driving on the right side of the road

“Right” in both senses.

Not being stared at

Unless we are on our missionary base, we are the only white people wherever we are, so being the object of most people’s attention gets old.

Family and Friends

I thought this was obvious and cliche–in fact I told Elizabeth not to put it. But when the girls said it, it made us look bad. So, of course, we are super-pumped to see you all!

  1. Denise Corey

    Wait, what? Restaurants with pools? what? Also, obligatory adding of family of friends wins no points. Better come up with another #49. I mean, really?

    • Joseph

      Come on, I said from the beginning that all of these reasons were unranked!

  2. Andrea

    oh my goodness! look how little they are!

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