Almost a year ago we showed up at GSP with all of the bags above…and our eight carry-on bags you can’t see. Every airport-plane-change was a nightmare so we decided this time to try and travel with no more than five bags and four carry-ons. That seemed like a good plan until I checked Air Nuigini’s baggage restrictions. One bag per ticket of no more than 20kgs! Since Everett doesn’t get a ticket or a seat, that means four 20kg bags for our family. (Other airlines give us two bags at 23kgs per ticket.) So the day before leaving PNG we got to sort out one bag’s worth of stuff to leave behind.

In this process I discovered that Elizabeth had packed THIRTY-FIVE  jon-jons* for Everett. My immediate thought was: ridiculous. But, I asked myself, what is the most ridiculous thing about this? Here are a few components in the running for the title:

  • that Everett has 35 jon-jons
  • that Elizabeth packed 35 jon-jons
  • that we will be in America for about two months in which Everett could wear a jon-jon giving each jon-jon a chance to be worn up to twice
  • that there exists an article of clothing that is referred to as a jon-jon

Unfortunately for our baggage reduction efforts, even the twenty-five jon-jons we took out don’t take up that much space/weight.

*I searched for how to spell this and found “jon-jon,” “john-john” and “john-jon.” Decide for yourself.

  1. John Zwolinski

    I don’t like the fact that there even is an article of clothing called a john-john. No matter how you spell it. Safe travels – see you soon!

  2. Beth McMeekin

    Given the amount of clothing I have in bins in my basement, I probably could’ve outfitted all 3 of your kids and the new baby while you’re here. Seriously. I have just about every size for both boys and girls. I wish I would’ve thought of that before you packed! Safe travels!

    • Andrea

      so funny!

  3. Kristen Belflower

    There is nothing wrong with a cute jon-jon! Little boys have only so long they can wear them, so I say take advantage of every day you have!

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