We are back in civilization and it is very normal in some ways and very strange in others.  Part of me feels right at home and sort of just wants to say “Ahhh”, but then some things that were once very normal feel very strange now!

Our first time strolling down the paved streets, surrounded by tall buildings, passing by super stylish white people was quite strange.  I find myself doing some serious people watching…maybe more appropriately called “people staring”.  I guess we’ve grown accustomed to our rocky terrain and being surrounded by brown people in meri blouses and second hand clothes and one story huts.  It didn’t take us too long to feel at home in these formerly familiar surroundings, but we both thought it odd the first time we went out here in Sydney.

When we walked into our hotel room (guess I really shouldn’t it call it a “room” considering it actually has 8 rooms…) the first thing Belle said was “Whoa!  The rug is all over the floor!” Apparently over the course of a year without seeing carpet our five year old has actually forgotten what carpet is.

There is a wall of mirrors here in the hotel that has really captivated the girls.  They sing and talk to themselves and have a grand ole time.  Watching them made us realize we think it has been a year since they have actually seen themselves in a mirror.  The mirror in our bathroom was about 8″ X 10″ and hung on the wall at adult face height, so they couldn’t see in it.

I keep trying to separate our trash in the way we’ve had to for the last year.  (Dividing food trash, burnable trash, glass and tin cans that can’t be burned and must be crushed, other non-burnables, and diapers) Putting all the trash together in one trash can has been super hard for me mentally!  I was looking forward to not having to think about dividing trash, but it is a mental battle every time I throw something away!

Today the maid came and cleaned our room.  I had left our dirty breakfast dishes in the kitchen sink and when we returned they were gone.  I assumed they had been put away, but when I went to get a cup I realized they weren’t in the cabinet.  I proceeded to look in every cabinet but couldn’t find them.  I was baffled, but quit my search, deciding that she must have taken them away somewhere.  Later on Joseph asked me if I had checked the dishwasher.  It never even occurred to me to check the dishwasher, because I didn’t even check for a dishwasher!  I mean, what is a dishwasher??  Apparently, after a year without one, Lucy doesn’t know what a dishwasher is either.  As I was about to put the leftover pizza in the oven today she said “Are you going to put it in the black oven or the white oven?”  The oven is black.  The dishwasher is white.

Maybe we’ve all changed more than we thought over the last year!  Don’t worry, even after a year of almost all homemade food, McDonald’s still tasted delightful.

  1. Wonder what will be more difficult — the adjustment back to the States, or back to PNG next year?

  2. Lindsey New

    I’m just glad Everett has on a jon-jon in this photo.

    • Taryn

      🙂 I thought the same thing!

  3. dan

    this made my day….

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