We spent several days with each set of grandparents after first arriving in the states, where we adjusted to the time change with plenty of hands there to help with the kids! (That was so nice.) We were also able to get over being sick much more easily with the added bonus of sending the kids downstairs to play with Nanny and Papa every morning! What a treat! One morning I slept until 11! I don’t think that has happened since kids!

We have been in Greenville for nearly a week now and I haven’t posted about getting here! That’s how much fun we’ve been having! (and we had to get our internet access going.) We have spent lots of time reconnecting with friends and dining at favorite restaurants already, and we plan to soak up as much of that as we can! I also had my first doctor’s appointment and registered Belle for Kindergarten. We quickly hopped back into life here and it seems all too normal! It seems normal to bump into friends we haven’t seen in a year. It seems normal to drive down familiar roads. It seems normal to eat out and go to stores. It seems normal to have carpet and A/C. (Although Belle did tell one of our friends that her favorite part of Sydney was the soft floor!) People had warned us that it might feel strange, but it definitely doesn’t.

When we got into town on Saturday we were overwhelmed with love from our sweet friends! They had set up furniture in our rental house, collected linens and made the beds, stocked our fridge and pantry, supplied us with dishes, paper products, cleaning supplies, and anything we could need! They really thought of everything! And the best surprise was a bouquet of gift cards to some of our favorite places to eat in town! Unbelievable. I was so excited to look through it and am so excited to use them all!! We are so blessed with so many caring, thoughtful, generous friends. Thanks everyone for blessing us! You are the best!

The pantry and dishes stash.  And yes, that is a DISHWASHER!

Close up on some of the goodies they got us…yum!

More kitchen goods

Cleaning stuff

Stocked fridge!

Bathroom supplies

The girls immediately got into the toys that were left for them in their room.

The gift card bouquet

Look at all that goodness!

  1. The Glover Family

    You certainly are loved. Enjoy your time in the states. FYI, we sent the box last week media mail to the church. Hope you find some more goodies to enjoy. 🙂

  2. Aunt Hannah (Nanny)

    That is Awesome to walk into!!! So glad y’all got settled so quickly. I enjoyed every minute with y’all!
    Lets Skype soon????

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