Our last few weeks in PNG were pretty hectic with all of our packing and the chance of an emergency flight change. And during that time, there was a lot going on concerning our future ministry as well, so we’d like to catch everyone up on a couple of developments starting with our tribal team.

The picture says it all, right? Well, not really, the picture is a little dramatic and potentially misleading.

As we sought God’s direction for our team along with the Walkers and the Butlers, we found increasingly that God was leading us in different directions. After a lot of prayer, conversation and a few tears we concluded that we should start pursuing tribal locations separately. It was sad to break up what seemed to us like a great team, but we felt like it was the right decision. Now the Butlers are headed toward the islands of PNG while we are staying in the highlands with the Walkers. Thankfully, we parted on good terms and still count the Butlers as close friends–and who knows how we might get to work together in the future.

So now, along with the Walkers, we are moving toward a tribal location in the highlands–more on that next time…

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