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Location Decision

Remember this map? It shows all the separate language groups in PNG and, along with the Walkers, we have chosen one of the green ones. If things go according to plan, we will be building houses in a tribal village shortly after we return to PNG. Thank you to everyone who has been praying with us as we have made this decision. Here are some things we know about the tribe we will be working in:

  • It has a few different names, but for now we are referring to it as Safeyoka.
  • It includes about 3000 people.
  • There are twelve villages all within hiking distance assuming you are willing to hike up to a week or so.
  • All the people speak their tribal language, but some speak Pidgin as well, so that will help us as we learn their language.
  • The language is part of a group called Angan Languages which, we are told, are some of the hardest in the world to learn. No big deal.
  1. Maybe a dumb question, since we did see you in person just this morning, but can you spell out the tribe name phonetically so I can say it correctly when I see it spelled out? Thanks!

    • Joseph

      My phonetic alphabet may not match yours, but here you go: Sah-fay-yo-kuh

What do you think?